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AI Watch offers insights into the AI landscape by monitoring the evolving international industrial and research landscape. The application of the Techno-economic segments (TES) analytical approach maps the segment, monitoring and benchmarking its main players, their locations and R&D and industrial activities. It sheds light on the dynamics of the worldwide networks of stakeholders and technological subdomains, their gatekeepers and expected future champions.

AI Watch works together with EU Member States to gather information on national initiatives on AI, define a common framework to be used to compare all National initiatives and efforts  and provide a complete overview of all national plans, measures and strategies related to AI. 

AI Watch has also developed a comprehensive methodology to estimate AI investments and applies it to the European economy.

AI Watch carries out research to calculate the EU robotics market shares over the past ten years, by providing a review of the robotics industry, and looking at the official definitions of both industrial and services robots.


AI in your country

An interactive map to access to country AI strategy reports, AI Landscape and Investment dashboards.

AI index

Policy relevant dimensions to assess Europe’s performance in artificial intelligence



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JRC Lead Scientist and head of HUMAINT, Emilia Gómez, participated in the online seminar series Machine Learning NeEDS with her keynote "Scientific challenges, practical methodologies and policy perspectives for trustworthy AI".

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AI index
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Policy relevant dimensions to assess Europe’s performance in Artificial Intelligence

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German AI Observatory

The Observatory for Artificial Intelligence in Work and Society (or AI Observatory) is looking at the question of what the effects of AI will be on work and society. 

AI 4 Belgium

AI 4 Belgium is a community-led approach to enable Belgian people and organizations to capture the opportunities of AI while facilitating the ongoing transition responsibly.


The OECD and the AI Watch collaborate on global monitoring and analysis of Artificial Intelligence developments.

AI Index

The Stanford AI Index Report tracks, collates, distills, and visualizes data related to artificial intelligence.