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The TES approach

The Techno-Economic Segment (TES) analytical approach allows to map the AI worldwide landscape by considering the main AI-related industrial, innovation and research activities, and all the economic players that are involved in them (i.e. firms, research institutes, governmental institutions). The TES approach takes into account information about location, technological aspects, and interactions, in order to build a holistic and interconnected view of the worldwide AI landscape from 2009 to 2020. Other dimensions such as AI in public services, AI in education or other societal aspects are not considered in the scope of the TES approach.

The quantitative analysis carried out informs policy making with a novel and integrated view of the AI landscape. It provides details on the size and composition of the AI landscape, patterns of specialisation in AI thematic areas, the evolution of firms over time, and does so with a methodology that allows comparability across countries and over time, and which shows different concurrent perspectives. The TES analysis also focuses on the specificities of the EU and its strengthening of research, development and innovation (R&D&I) through projects funded by the European Commission (EC).