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AI Watch

AI Watch Index 2021

Policy relevant dimensions to assess Europe’s performance in artificial intelligence 

The AI Watch Index provides a structured set of quantitative indicators on the performance and positioning of the EU across various dimensions of AI relevant for policymaking.

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The index is organised around five dimensions:

  • G: Global view on the AI landscape,
  • I: Industry,
  • R: Research & development (R&D),
  • T: Technology,
  • S: Societal aspects.

The diagram below presents an overview of the 22 indicators organised around these 5 dimensions.

List of dimensions, subdimensions and indicators

Dimensions and indicators

G: Global view on the AI landscape

This dimension of the AI index provides the basis for understanding the global landscape of AI and covers general aspects of its composition and geographical distribution, areas of AI specialisation, and AI investments in the EU.

I: Industry

Presents AI firms’ profiles and also includes a focus on robotics start-ups, in order to understand the characteristics of the AI industry. 


R: Research and Development

Elaborates on the EU’s capabilities and strengths in research, covering various aspects of R&D activity (e.g., patenting, publications and EU funded projects) and network of collaborations.


T: Technology

Analyses AI as a general purpose technology, in aspects such as technological enablers, performance of AI and standardisation.


S: Societal aspects

Covers two sub-dimensions: diversity in research, including gender diversity, and higher education offer in AI.