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EU in the global Artificial Intelligence landscape


Publication date
30 November 2021
Joint Research Centre
Topic area
  • AI landscape


This policy brief presents the results of the AI worldwide ecosystem analysis for the period 2009-2020, by applying the Techno-Economic ecoSystem (TES) analytical approach. The TES approach allows to map the AI worldwide ecosystem by considering the main AI-related industrial, innovation and research activities, and all the economic players that are involved in them (i.e. firms, research institutes, governmental institutions).

The brief analyses the position of the EU in the international context, via-à-vis the United States, China, and other main players in the landscape, in terms of size of the AI ecosystem, specialisation in AI areas, AI firms and AI R&D capacities. It follows with an in-depth analysis of the EU ecosystem, with a section devoted to the impact of EC-funded projects on the EU AI ecosystem.

The brief is accompanied by a new version of the AI Landscape interactive dashboard, which allows you to explore the AI ecosystem, comparing countries and regions in the evolving AI international industrial and research landscape with respect to players, activities, flows of information and thematic specialisation. 

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EU in the global Artificial Intelligence landscape


30 NOVEMBER 2021
Science for Policy brief: EU in the global AI landscape