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AI Watch

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of strategic importance and a key driver of social and economic development. It is transforming every walk of life. The magnitude of this socioeconomic change is coming sooner than most people imagine.

To address these challenges AI Watch takes a holistic view of what is happening in AI. We work with key partners from industry, academia, governments and inter-governmental organisations to provide detailed analysis and reliable data.

We identified these key cross-cutting areas to monitor:

AI enablers

Understanding the role of data and infrastructure in powering AI systems

A hand holding the Globe

An overview and analysis of the Global and European AI landscape

A man writing on a board

Analysing the European and international landscape of AI standardisation

We also delve deeper in monitoring AI in specific thematic areas, such as health, and the public sector. 

Young students in a lab

Providing an overview of AI Education and Skills in Europe


Monitoring the uptake and impact of AI applications in the Health Sector

Public sector

Investigating the potential use and impact of AI for the public sector

Transport and mobility

Monitoring the uptake and impact of AI applications in the Mobility and Transport sectors