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Public Sector

Investigating the potential use and impact of AI for the public sector



AI Watch carries out research to gather the evidence of the potential of AI for the public sector in different areas such as monitoring and control, resource planning, data validation, document digitalisation, law enforcement and service provision and delivery. We also study the challenges of the AI adoption, being them organisational, technical, financial, or cultural. 

Our research is carried out through desk research, surveys, interviews and use case analysis and it is enriched and validated thanks to a series of peer-learning workshops with public servants and other relevant stakeholders. 


  • Report
  • Joint Research Centre

AI Watch. Beyond pilots: sustainable implementation of AI in public services

This report introduces the concept of AI appropriation in government, seen as two distinct phases; adoption and implementation of related technologies in public services and processes. Then, it analyses the situation of AI governance in the US and Cand contrasts it to the emerging European model.


Survey on Artificial Intelligence use in the public sector
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Survey on Artificial Intelligence use in the public sector

This survey on the use of AI in the public sector is part of this larger initiative and the information gathered it will help us prepare a roadmap in support of the use of Artificial Intelligence by Public Administrations in Europe.