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AI Watch

I: Industry

Presents AI firms’ profiles and also includes a focus on robotics start-ups, in order to understand the characteristics of the AI industry. 

This dimension of the AI index addresses AI-related industrial activity.

It aims to reveal how AI is approached by private economic players worldwide and in the EU Member States, especially with respect of the development of core-businesses in AI, i.e., the creation of companies with a main activity in AI, and the involvement in the filing of AI-related patent applications.

In this sense, the objective is to understand how many enterprises are already focusing their businesses on AI (e.g., trading AI-based services), and how many of them are developing AI as support for their non-AI main economic activity (e.g. in the automotive sector).

In addition, a focus on robotics is proposed as its connections with AI are very likely to be even tighter in the near future. Indeed, the combination of AI and Robotics is starting to produce a new set of products and tools that are even more capable of interacting with the physical reality than the current generation of AI-based devices.

Industry indicators


AI firms’ profiles indicator characterises the AI industry in a geographical area by means of the distribution of AI firms according to their business type