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AI Watch

T: Technology

Analyses AI as a general purpose technology, in aspects such as technological enablers, performance of AI and standardisation. 

This dimension of the AI Watch Index addresses the evaluation of the technical progress in an illustrative set of AI tasks found in different subareas (including image classification, face recognition, speech recognition, text summarisation, etc.).

The aim of this dimension is to provide information about the technological evolution that the domain is experiencing. In addition, the technological dimension is also investigated with regard to the standardisation work that is carried out by Standardisation Development Organisations supporting interoperability, promoting consistent application of best practices in the development of AI products and services, and ensuring proper consideration is given to their potential risks in terms of safety and fundamental rights.

AI Technology indicators


This indicator addresses evaluation of technical progress in an illustrative set of AI tasks belonging to different sub-areas using a combination of quantitative measurements, such as in popular AI benchmarks and prize challenges.