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Ireland: Public Sector dimension of AI Strategy


This page reports a synthesis of the main elements that characterise the national AI strategy with a specific focus on the public sector. It extracts the information related to a single country from a comparative analysis done by the AI Watch team and reported in full in the science for policy report “AI Watch. European Landscape on the Use of Artificial Intelligence by the Public Sector”.

Main highlights

  • One of the key objectives is to have AI improve public service outcomes
  • The GovTech Delivery Board will play a leading role in advancing AI adoption in public service
  • Use of AI in government have to be informed by human rights and ethical assessments
  • Innovative public procurement is seen as a crucial catalyst to drive AI innovations in society and administrations
  • For successful adoption of AI, investments in training and skilling of civil servants is considered essential
  • Wider collaboration and sharing of expertise between public, private and academic sector is actively encouraged

Strategy analysis

Learning by doing

  • Pilot projects

Stimulating awareness and knowledge sharing

  • Awareness campaigns

  • Building an international community

Ethical and legal framework

  • Development of ethical frameworks
  • Reform of data sharing laws

Improving data access and quality

  • Improving data quality
  • Improving data access

Funding and procurement

  • Stimulation of GovTech startups

  • Revision of procurement processes

Improving internal capacity

  • Training on AI

  • New public bodies


To increase public trust and engagement in AI, an AI ambassador will be appointed to promote awareness of AI among the public and businesses.

Work is ongoing to address regulatory gaps within a wide range of policy regimes, which include policing, justice, health and data protection.

Stimulation of GovTech is key. The GovTech Delivery Board, already established, will be leading AI adoption in public services, by providing strategic leadership and coordinating a service-wide, strategic approach to AI implementation. Moreover, it will work with the Office of Government Procurement to consider mechanisms that enable public purchasing power as this catalyst through public procurement.

In addition, the GovTech Delivery Board will consider new models for working with experts from the private and academic sectors, such as a Public Sector Fellowship to attract highly skilled academics.

Finally, the Irish government considered essential to invest in programmes for the training and upskilling of public sector workers.

General Information


AI - Here for Good: National Artificial Intelligence Strategy for Ireland

Data of release

Jul 2021


Specific actions to public sector


Strand 4: AI Serving the Public

4.2 Enablers for AI in Public Services

4.3 Approach to AI Adoption by the Public Service

4.4 High Impact Sectors for AI in the Public Service