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Czech Republic: Public Sector dimension of AI Strategy


This page reports a synthesis of the main elements that characterise the national AI strategy with a specific focus on the public sector. It extracts the information related to a single country from a comparative analysis done by the AI Watch team and reported in full in the science for policy report “AI Watch. European Landscape on the Use of Artificial Intelligence by the Public Sector”.

Main highlights

  • Strategy aims to create favourable conditions for use of AI in public administration, to make the government more productive.
  • Involvement of public administration in knowledge transfer locations
  • Introduction of AI pilot projects within the public administration
  • Development of a binding public administration data availability plan for Ai, including data standard
  • A start-up support programme focusing on AI application in the public sector.

Strategy analysis

Learning by doing

  • Regulatory Sandboxes

  • Pilot projects

Stimulating awareness and knowledge sharing

  • Awareness campaigns

Ethical and legal framework

  • Reform of data sharing laws

  • Development of ethical frameworks

Improving data access and quality

  • Improving data quality

  • Improving data access

Funding and procurement

  • Funding for AI projects

  • Revision of procurement processes

Improving internal capacity

  • n/a


Public sector is seen as a priority sector of the AI strategy.

The strategy focusing on data access and data quality in order to also develop AI solutions with them, even from an ethical perspective, reforming data sharing laws when necessary. 

To support the policy-making process during the development of AI solutions, it is planned to establish regulatory AI sandboxes

To conduct a dialogue on possible new AI applications in public administration with private sector and their development and deployment, e.g. in the form of hackathons.

Czech Republic intends to funding AI projects with potential AI-based solutions for public administration. Revision of procurement processes to give better possibility for contracts for public administrations


General Information


National Artificial Intelligence Strategy of the Czech Republic

Data of release

May 2019


Specific actions to public sector

Objective: start-up support programme to assist the establishment of businesses working on AI applications in the public sector

Tool: making available and sharing of public sector data, in particular search for appropriate open data for open sharing, maintenance and updating

Tool: supporting the development of AI solutions to ensure the effective functioning of law in the private and public sectors.