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AI Watch. Defining Artificial Intelligence 2.0


Publication date
29 October 2021
Joint Research Centre
Topic area
  • AI landscape


This second edition of our research aims at establishing an operational definition of Artificial Intelligence, to which we refer to in the activities of AI Watch. This edition builds on the first report, published in February 2020, and complements it with several recent developments. 

The proposed operational definition is composed by a concise taxonomy characterising the core domains of the AI research field and transversal topics, and a list of keywords representative of such taxonomy.

This work has been conceived as an iterative method that can be updated over time to capture the rapid AI evolution. This iterative process includes three perspectives: policy and institutional, research, and market - in order to acquire a comprehensive overview about the AI domain.

Additional valuable contributions of this work are:

  • the collection of definitions developed between 1955 and 2021 
  • the summary of the main features of the concept of artificial intelligence as reflected in the relevant literature 

Details on the JRC Publications Repository

AI Watch. Defining Artificial Intelligence 2.0


29 OCTOBER 2021
AI Watch. Defining Artificial Intelligence 2.0