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AI Watch: AI Uptake in Smart Mobility


Publication date
15 September 2021
Joint Research Centre
Topic area
  • Transport/mobility


Overall, the report highlights that AI in the mobility domain is experiencing a fast growing trend, albeit relatively recent: for instance, start-ups delivering market-ready AI in smart mobility applications have already reached approximately 30% of the total Venture Capital investments in the mobility sector.

In the global context, the analysis shows that European automotive and ICT companies play only a minor role in the domain of AI in mobility, while the major part of enabling technologies and applications in this domain is being developed and deployed in China and the U.S.

AI-driven mobility applications offer opportunities to improve the management of traffic flows, enhance road safety and extend access to mobility to those who do not possess vehicles. In addition, by triggering changes in user behavior, e.g. in the change from “mobility as ownership” to “mobility as a service”, they can improve the use-efficiency of mobility assets and reduce energy consumption and pollution, promoting cleaner forms of mobility.

However, uptake of AI in smart mobility depends on overcoming key issues concerning both data, e.g. data sharing, protection and standardization, and algorithms, e.g. their fairness and transparency, which still require further research.

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AI Watch: AI Uptake in Smart Mobility thumb


AI Watch: AI Uptake in Smart Mobility