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AI Watch 2019 Activity Report


Publication date
5 March 2020
Joint Research Centre
Topic area
  • AI landscape


This report provides an overview of AI Watch activities in 2019. AI Watch is the European Commission knowledge service to monitor the development, uptake and impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Europe.,. As part of the European strategy on AI, the European Commission and the Member States published in December 2018 a “Coordinated Plan on Artificial Intelligence” on the development of AI in the EU. The Coordinated Plan mentions the role of AI Watch to monitor its implementation. AI Watch was launched in December 2018. It aims to monitor European Union’s industrial, technological and research capacity in AI; AI national strategies and policy initiatives in the EU Member States; uptake and technical developments of AI; and AI use and impact in public services. AI Watch will also provide analyses of education and skills for AI; AI key technological enablers; data ecosystems; and social perspective on AI. AI Watch has a European focus within the global landscape, and works in coordination with Member States. In its first year AI Watch has developed and proposed methodologies for data collection and analysis in a wide scope of AI-impacted domains, and has presented new results that can already support policy making on AI in the EU. In the coming months AI Watch will continue collecting and analysing new information. All AI Watch results and analyses are published on the AI Watch public web portal ( AI Watch welcomes feedback. This report will be updated annually.

AI Watch 2019 Activity Report


5 MARCH 2020
AI Watch 2019 Activity Report