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News article27 October 2023Joint Research Centre1 min read

AI and the public sector: presentation at SEMIC 2023

The JRC presented its latest developments during the session “Trustworthy AI for Interoperability in the Public Sector” 

The AI4IOP group at the SEMIC conference


On 18 October, the Semantic Interoperability Community Europe (SEMIC 2023) annual conference was held in Madrid. This was the perfect scenario for the Joint Research Centre to present its latest research results in relation to the innovation in the public sector fueled by emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI). These activities are part of JRC's wider research interest in innovation in public governance.

The session "Trustworthy AI for Interoperability in the Public Sector" developed an interesting discussion with distinguished panelists from the public sector, academia and industry. Based on concrete use cases, the discussion revolved around the new opportunities that AI can bring to the public sector, but also the need to address challenges related to, among other things, the transparency and trustworthiness of AI-enabled digital systems. 

In the same session, Luca Tangi, researcher of the Digital Economy Unit of the JRC, presented the recently published report "Artificial Intelligence for Interoperability in the European Public Sector". One of the main outcomes of the study is that AI can become an essential tool to support interoperability in the public sector.

Moreover, this exploratory study offers a series of policy recommendations for the public administration, like the importance of increasing internal awareness regarding the potential of AI in enhancing interoperability, as well as the significance of conducting experiments and uncovering the benefits and exploitable potential it offers. 

The recording of the sessions will be soon available in the SEMIC website.

Public Sector Tech Watch 

The above-mentioned study and the entire SEMIC session has been organised within the context of the Public Sector Tech Watch, an observatory developed by DG DIGIT with the JRC support, that provides both a knowledge hub and a virtual space where different stakeholders –like public administration officers, civil society activists, GovTech companies, practitioners and researchers- can find and share knowledge and experience about the best adoption of new technologies to innovate the public administration in Europe.  

Discover more about JRC contribution to this initiative in this interview to Luca Tangi

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Publication date
27 October 2023
Joint Research Centre