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Finland: Public Sector dimension of AI Strategy


This page reports a synthesis of the main elements that characterise the national AI strategy with a specific focus on the public sector. It extracts the information related to a single country from a comparative analysis done by the AI Watch team and reported in full in the science for policy report “AI Watch. European Landscape on the Use of Artificial Intelligence by the Public Sector”.

Main highlights

  • AI-powered public services are crucial for the Finnish economy and welfare
  • AuroraAI is the key action to change public services with AI with a life-events approach together with private sector partners
  • Capacity of civil servants to work with AI needs to be strengthened
  • Definition of strong ethical considerations for using AI in public services
  • Creation of a sandbox to test AI solutions for the public interest


Strategy analysis

Learning by doing

  • Pilot projects
  • Regulatory sandboxes

Stimulating awareness and knowledge sharing

  • Awareness campaigns

  • Building an international community

Ethical and legal framework

  • Development of ethical frameworks

Improving data access and quality

  • Improving data access
  • Improving data quality

Funding and procurement

  • Revision of procurement processes

Improving internal capacity

  • New public bodies


Actions are embedded in the AuroraAI programme. The programme lays the foundations to transform the Finnish society towards an AI-society in a human-centred and ethically sustainable manner.

There are plans to publish an ethical framework, defining ethical design practices, monitoring administrations and involving citizens.

In addition, the strategy declare the creation of ‘sandbox’ where AI could be developed and tested with personal data owned by public administrations.

Lastly, there is a recommendation given to review of procurement processes, and in particular the current Public Procurement Act in order to enable more effective public-private AI development.

General information


Leading the way into the age of artificial intelligence

Data of release

Oct 2017 (update 2019)


Specific actions to public sector

Key Action 6: Build the world's best public services

Key Action 10: The use of AI in public sector activities was examined from the viewpoints of ethics and societal acceptability